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map tonight. normally temperate southern cities, places like jackson, mississippi, are facing more snow than chicago. and abc's meteorologist ginger zee is tracking that. >> reporter: it's the first winter storm of the season for many in the south. and it's been a disaster on the roads. in mississippi, up to half a foot of snow fell in some places, making it nearly impossible to drive. the snow caused dozens of accidents from alabama to west virginia. >> i feel like we're not prepared for it, like most other states. >> reporter: in eastern tennessee, the fresh winter white slowed traffic to a crawl. students at the university of alabama turned the rare scene into a campus-wide snowball fight. >> i'm from tuscaloosa, alabama, so, i'm not used to the snow. i'm used to sun. >> reporter: tonight, winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings stretch from the carolinas through maryland. areas like raleigh, north carolina, could pick up more than three inches of snow. now, this much snow in that part of the south is a big deal. you're about to see some fun video from brandon, missi
're talking about mississippi, alabama, rare snow on the ground there, to the mid atlantic tonight. systems moving fast, but the snowfall where it's falling is heavy and intense. there is one storm-related death to report. thousands are without power. you're looking at a live picture of the scene outside richmond right now. they could get up to 6 inches there tonight with a rain/snow mix, hazardous travel expected tonight, right up through the carolinas. it will all move out to sea by tomorrow. it will knick the jersey shore and at least long island on its way out. >>> still ahead as our broadcast continues, the mystery coming ashore. the tsunami trash that floated halfway around the world. tonight, what strange life forms came along for the ride to the u.s. >>> and later, remembering the woman behind dear abby and all that good advice over the years. >>> we are faking you to the washington state coastline and to say that this pristine spot is under attack by alien life forms is not much of an exaggeration. a huge piece of at the brie from the tsunami in japan has made its way across the pa
in the bayou, our mobile set is at 1 canal street on the banks of the mississippi river, right in the middle of the party. and so is joe kozimore, he is kicking off the 49ers coverage tonight, good evening, jim. >> janell and wow, everyone has their mind on football and why not? super bowl xlvii coming you up, with the 49ers hoping to win their sixth overall super bowl crown. and the ravens being the opponent. as of now, sports and the worlds of politics starting to collide. president barack asked if he had a son, would he let him play football and here is what he said. i'm a big football fan, i have to tell you, if i had a son, i would think long and hard before letting him play football and i think those of us who love the sport have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. today, at his media session. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh had quite the entertaining response. >> i have a four month old, soon to be 5 month old, son, jack harbaugh, and president obama feels that way, then, there would be less competition for jack harbaugh
mississippi is closed halting trade for dozens of ships. and a new blackberry 10 unveiled. and a million cars recalled. new york city's billionaire mayor gave vice president joe biden a compliment that any man can be proud of. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. a hostage situation that started more happen 16 hours ago is still ongoing in southern alabama this morning. authorities say a school bus driver has been fatally shot and a 6-year-old boy success held in an underground bunker. yesterday the afternoon suspected gunman boarded the bus and kidnapped the child shooting the driver in the process. the death toll has risen to 234 in the brazil nightclub fire with many survivors still hospitalized including about 75 in critical condition. investigators say the pyrotechnic flare used during the band's performance that apparently started the fire was for meant for outdoor use only. not indoors. >>> a 60-mile stretch of the mississippi river is still clos as crews try to clean up leaking crude oil spilled in a barge accident on sunday. close to 50 barges and others are waiting for t
but for right now it's okay. a little eerie out. i'm actually looking at the mississippi river and there's a lot of fog and mist coming off that. hey, guys, i just want to tell you we have been collecting beads the last three days i think that we have been here so i have been asking people what -- yeah, i know, i have been asking people what they do with their beads once they collect them because some of them bring garbage bags with them to the parades and put them in their bags. this is what they do sometimes. they will cut them up a little bit, make animals out of them. i don't know if rick can get this. they will make animals or make jacks and get a ball and play jacks with the necklaces. pretty cool, huh? >> if you look up in the trees on bourbon street, i think you can see some of the beads from two or three super bowls ago. . >>> michelle, thunderstorms there in new orleans tonight. jealous, wish i could be out there. [ laughter ] >> we have high clouds in the bay area, quiet start to the day, temperatures not too bad. today no threat of rain her
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showers, thunderstorms. these are tornado watches from mississippi all the way into kentucky at this hour. we're on the warm sector today but late today, really tonight, we're also going to have a threat for severe weather for the entire area. the main threat will be damaging wind gusts and any of these storms that come across could bring some of those winds aloft down to the surface and really get gusting. here we are looking at storms late this afternoon but the bulk of them will be coming in during the overnight herd. here's 9:30 and we're still waiting for those storms to come through. definitely colder for tomorrow. your forecast today 70. some late storms. i think the bulk after dark. yellow alert for the storms tonight. we've got windy and colder weather tomorrow. 48. potentially even colder than that in the afternoon as the cold air really comes in by friday with morning flurries, 33. saturday groundhog day, 36. 38 sunday. back to 44 on monday. monika samtani stepping in now. still talking about problems in prince george's county and elsewhere. >>> i have a feeling we're going to
for liza minnelli. >> oh, my goodness. >> from long beach, mississippi, please welcome deborah bishop. hi, deborah. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> well, you do bear a striking resemblance. resemblance. do you get mistaken for her a lot? >> oh, wait, let me tell you the story. >> okay. >> i was in new orleans, and it was on halloween, and i had on an off-the-shoulder sequin dress
present. >> totally my treat. >> reporter: they have to go through orlando and mississippi. they feel like they're dating again because there are no kids here. >> first time in 20 years sense our kid was born that we took a vacation. >> reporter: he's probably mad he's not going. >> he used to go to all the ravens games with me but he's in college. >> we're looking forward to it. we're going to see everything in one day. >> reporter: or you can be a proud daughter whose dad got her there. >> never missed one on tv but never been to one in person. we will start the party tonight. >> reporter: delta had the most today with four fleets going direct but three were booked probably before the super bowl. roosevelt leftwich. >> what's a super bowl without ad fromly wager between the maryland zoo and san francisco zoo. the maryland zoo is home to rise and conquer, the official mascot. the san francisco zoo has on exhibit a young black rhino. if the 49ers win, the exhibit will be renamed the ravens exhibit for one day. if 49ers win, the ravens exhibit will be renamed. >>> our aren't company release
in the gator bowl against mississippi state gator bowl - northwestern vs mississippi st. pat fitzgerald and northwestern looking for their first bowl win since 1949 1st quarter/ scoreless tyler russell is intercepted turns it 30 yards for the touchdown 7-0 northwestern 3rd quarter/ 20-13 northwestern kain colter can't find a receiver so he takes off and trevor seimien 4-yard touchdown run 27-13 northwestern fitzgerald gets the gatoraide bath and northwestern gets it's first during their bye week - coach harbaugh giving the team three days off - back to work thursday. the midst of david akers struggles.the team has brought in another kicker.billy cundiff was cundiff unfortunately best known for this miss in last year's afc championship game going to the superbowl. the ravens cut him shortly thereafter -- he was picked up by the redskins before the season, only to be cut again back in october after he missed on 5 of his last 8 attempts.the 49ers will be his 11th team. >> there will always be a level of competition are round it. >> akers meanwhile is having the worst season of
. and here, tonight, is abc's tanya rivero. >> reporter: mississippi teen sarah kavanagh has shaken up the sports drink industry. the online petition she helped create forced gatorade to ditch a controversial ingredient. >> gatorade. >> reporter: pepsico has announced that it will remove it from the gatorade citrus version, used to keep the flavor consistent. but bvo as it's called shares an ingredient with some flame retardants. and has long before a focus of food safety advocates. the european union and japan ban bvo from all food products. in her petition on, the 15-year-old wrote, no one wants to gulp down flame retardant, especially from a drink they associate with being healthy. and over 200,000 consumers agreed. in a statement, pepsico said that, while our products are safe, we're making this change because we know that some consumers have a negative perception of bvo in gatorade. >> and the u.s. food and drug administration hasn't reviewed bvo since the '70s. at that time it called for more testing, david, that still hasn't been done. >> all right, that 15-year-old o
that mississippi river, i'm jim kozimor in new orleans for nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, jim. we'll see you in just a little bit. >>> it seems a bay area sports bar is fiech featured in the "s illustrated" sports bar. it's a powerful message for lgbt sports fans. jean elle. >> it's called hi tops, a gay bar. and millions of "sports illustrated" riders will see that photo. and people who work and play here say it is a win for the community. the game is on. food is up. and drinks are strong. hi tops in san francisco's castro district is a sports bar with a twist. >> a lot of people that come in don't even i know that it's a gay sports bar. ands they the best part, you know. and then we find out we have that common bond. >> reporter: 49 irhans are bonding. the 49ers a spot in a super bowl. fans celebrating a kiss. hi top's owner says the coverage sends a winning message. >> sports fans come from all walks of life, and we're a great big melting pot here. and everyone can get along. >> to get that kind of recognition on that level, you know, it's nice to know that people are watching. >> reporte
thunderstorms and damaging winds eastward through the mississippi valley. so far one that is blamed on this storm, which happened in mississippi. >> new details this morning until the brazil nightclub fire investigation. police said that the group planned at the time lit a flare designed for outdoor use and said the club selling on fire. police believe that the people who ignited the flare on sunday new that it was from outdoor use only. the night club hadsprinklers and no emergency exit protess. officias think that the ban which is known for its techniques, all almost tried to save money. that in your flare's calls over 30 bugs broader walter flares on the cost a few dollars. >> here is a live look from san jose. the temps look like it would be nice they also for the south bay. >> we have been trying to get the speaking of jim harbaugh but we are having problems. we're trying to get this to go through and then we will bring get live. as we go to break let's listen into what he has to say. >> they wanted me to do it and that was back in 1995 or '96 when i was once saved by the bell.
the mississippi valley to the southeast. the northeast will see rain and mountain snow, and it will be raining across the southwest. >>> in sports now. starting next season the nba's new orleans franchise will no longer be called the hornets. owner tom benson announced the team will change its name to the pelicans. the team unveiled its new logo as well. the brown pelican is louisiana's state bird. benson said the nickname hornets doesn't mean anything to the hornets community. >>> on the court last night knicks alzheimer's superstar carmelo anthony and boston's kevin garnett bumping fits. carmelo would have his revenge though. he scores 28 points and the knicks snap an 11-gaming losing streak in boston with an 89-86 win. >>> and things went from bad to worse for one family at the winter x games in aspen. that's snowmobiler caleb moore in the freestyle. as you can see, he couldn't complete the back flip and barely had the snowmobile fall on top of him. look at that. inches away. he was hospitalized with a concussion. moments later his brother colton also crashes and he, too,
our super bowl coverage. >> we are joining you on the mississippi river this morning. behind me is the mississippi river bridge. over by a river is down river towards the gulf of mexico. we got here yesterday and hit the ground running. this is going to be a nonstop party. our trip started with an early flight out of bwi. they were anticipating many people making the trip. the flight was good and the anticipation was building. we were greeted with quite a parade. >> ray lewis, ed reed, i like flacco. i want to see somebody stop the 49ers quarterback. >> people to enjoy coffee. others taking a stroll after a few of bill beverages. not everybody is excited about having the super bowl in town. cyrus things tourists will be more interested in partying. >> it will be good for the city but tough for us. >> there is an excitement in the air. if this is any indication, it will be quite a ride. >> the city looks great. we want everybody to have a good time. >> are you going to root for the ravens? >> absolutely. we do not like san francisco. >> the ravens will arrive and the real fun wil
't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to visit anyone of our states. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride, go fishing or just lay in the sun. we've got coastline to explore and wildlife to photograph. and there's world class dining with our world famous seafood. so for a great vacation this year, come to the gulf. its all fabulous but i give florida the edge. right after mississippi. you mean alabama. say louisiana or there's no dessert. this invitation is brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >>> developing now in alabama, we are learning more about the man police say is holding a 5-year-old boy hostage after murdering a bus driver nearly 48 hours of negotiating, investigators now s
the mississippi river is rolling in. it was warm a half hour ago. now it's a muggy chill in the area. had to throw the old coat on. i'm sure it will get warmer throughout the day. frank i have to tell you, you know what i ate in foodie paradise? i ate chicken tenders. who eats chicken tenders in new orleans? >> nobody. but i guess since you did the sea thing over the weekend you were due to fall back on something like that. i imagine your live shot at 1 a.m. is a little different. it must have been crazy last night. >> reporter: it was crazy. we were out here at 1:00 in the morning and there were still a lot of people out. this city really never sleeps. >> and neither do you. >> reporter: apparently. [ laughter ] >> okay. great job, michelle, thanks. back here at home, the 49ers opponent in sunday's super bowl, well, they are now in new orleans too. the ravens flew in yesterday afternoon after a practice session in baltimore. the ravens have a reputation as a trash talking team. but head coach john harbaugh says his team will play hard- nosed footbal
felt like i just came out of a mississippi sheriff's office". it was grim, grim. and there is a lesson in that. issue careful what you wish for and be careful what criticize and who you criticize because you maybe wearing it. i responded to the mayor's request. we eventually had marine corps personnel and conducting recovery and rescue and we rescued all kinds of people from the collapsed freeway and we brought an aircraft carrier in here and took the heat off of the city and took 500 homeless people on the aircraft carrier for a week. it was a wonderful exercise in taking care of the more fragile among us. anyway fast forward three and a half years newly elected mayor he asks me to be the director of emergency services and i really didn't want to do it because of what i have seen and he went to my house and my wife wanted to. >> >> live in san francisco so my goose was cooked. i took over the job and i planned to return to the east coast. there was one staff member, no vehicles, no money, no nothing, and through the good efforts of a director of public wo
you are 21, you are from mississippi, going through the police academy. it is 1989 and you are now working in los angeles. after being a patrol officer for just a few months, you are placed on gang detail. you have arrested a youth. instead of taking him to jail, you taken to his mother. the mother says, can you make him more afraid of you that of the gang members? the academy does not prepare you for that. i take that experience and i realized in the gang environment, most of these youths are coming from single- family households. in the area where the gang violence is most prevalent, great citizens of the community, 99% of those citizens are afraid. as a prosecutor, i take this experience and figure out how i want to enforce gang violence, especially in san francisco. i break it down into three categories. you have the individual who is not fully immersed in the gang lifestyle. he is just an associate comment just hanging out. -- associates, just hanging out. for that individual, we try to work with community-based programs. i've met with dcyf, the african- american steering comm
and new york, but also states like mississippi, south carolina, west virginia, wyoming, iowa, all of which use this mid deem charge rather than felony. and what we find in these 13 other states is that there are higher rates of drug treatment participation, lower rates of drug use, and even slightly lower rates of violent and property crime. so again, we can prove we can have safer communities. and then of course there are the unintended consequences of a felony conviction. consequences that really can cause great damage to a young life for many decades out. the very three things that can keep someone successfully in his or her recovery, access to housing, education and employment are put farther out of reach because of a felony conviction, especially in a down economy, someone with a felony has great difficulty even accessing 5 a job that pays minimum wage. putting these felony convictions to a whole population of young people, we really perpetuate a chronic underclass which benefits none of us. and then of course there's the inequity in the criminal justice system. even though we can sho
times on the big river, water levels dropping on the mississippi and that could hurt businesses all across the country, why it's happening. and then the newest fix tonight, the bay area transit company will hand over your conversations to the feds, we will tell you why and how much it will cost you. see you at 6:00. >> thank you. >> final check of the forecast. >> it s-- it will be sunny and clear over the next few days. tomorrow, patchy frost, next chance of rain sunday, 50% chance, we will keep an eye on that one, it could go higher as we head to the weekend. >> we have jackets. >> yeah, we do. >> "fightly news" is next.
presley's hometown of tupelo, mississippi, with a number of events going on, including a film tribute and lighting of its new homecoming statue. >>> you can stay on top of the very latest developments on those stories and the best political analysis on msnbc. tonight be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. matt sits down with former guardians of a steubenville, ohio, teen, accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party in august. the young stars of the hbo show "girls" open up about fame, critics and season number two. keep it on this channel for local news, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today," your first stop of the day on your nbc station. have a good one. >>> repairs are under way this morning for a section of the bay bridge hit by a tanker in yesterday's fog. see what the pilot of that boat will do in just a few hours to help the coast guard in its investigation. >>> gadgets galore. now on display for the entire world to see. this m
- northwestern vs mississippi st. pat fitzgerald and northwestern looking for their first bowl win since 1949 1st quarter/ scoreless tyler russell is intercepted by quintin williams whore turns it 30 yards for the touchdown 7-0 northwestern 3rd quarter/ 20-13 northwestern kain colter can't find a receiver so he takes off and runs 31 yards to the 4-yard- line next play trevor seimien 4-yard touchdown run 27-13 gatoraide bath and bowl win since 1949 49ers coach jim harbaugh has brought in another kicker to push david akers. it's billy cundiff who was after missing this field goal in the afc championship season and sending new england to the super bowl. cundoff has been cut a total of 9 times in his career.yet harbaugh wants a little competition to hopefully light a spark under the struggling akers in sacramento - two people were shot and killed in an incident that led to the cancellation of the city's fireworks show. >> certainly, he has done a lot of great things, the warriors against the clippers. just a little bit of bluster kron >> good night.
are looking at a paddle wheeler on the banks of the mississippi river, where -- it's the levee and the french quarter, right in the heart of new orleans. we're just getting started. we have a week of activities to find stories to bring back home to you. it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. when cane, ktvu channel 2 news. >> i'm loving those beads -- ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> i'm loves though beads -- those beads, ken. and we have our reporters that will be in new orleans and you will see a live postgame show right here immediately following the super bowl. alex smith is making news. there's word he may seek an early release from the team. not too surprising. according to smith will ask to be released before the free agents' signing period that beginses on march 12th. that's so he can select a team rather than being traded to a team he way not -- he may not want to go. he was replaced by colin cap kaepernick. >>> san francisco's port commission is expected to give the final approval to the long- awaited mission rock development project next month. the giants hop
like the bay bridge behind him there on the mississippi. media day is more than just a chance to gwauck, it attracts people with no interest in football. >> it's media day here before the super bowl, and this is quite the event. players being peppered with just about everything. and it's really the spirit of the whole thing. and really, a lot about drumming up as much publicity for america's biggest event, year upon year and doing it with nontraditional sports media, and folks that use the access as a publicity stunt as their own. and here in the dome, the weather channel interviewing 49ers players. >> rickie what do you make of the media day thing, the niners have gone global, you were just being interviewed by the weather channel. >> oh, i didn't even know. it's surprising. 49ers have been a organization going for a long time. played overseas, and now to look up at the stands and see people that want to see us do media day. the league is taking over the globe. >> the reason for it is that there are so many different audiences that are interested in the super bowl and in the nfl. so, t
degrees above average. back to the forecast for the storms. crossing the mississippi river tonight, keep an eye out in indianapolis and nashville after midnight for dangerous storms, strong wind gusts. tomorrow in new orleans where thousands are there for mardi gras and super bowl, you could be hit with rough weather. tomorrow, atlanta, are charlotte, d.c., later tomorrow in new york city, the threat of straight line wind damage, gusts over 60, a few isolated tornados. behind the front in cold air, back to reality, winter hits. frigid air, sub zero wind chills and des moines, green bay, temperatures 30. temperatures near zero tomorrow. wind chills down to 20 below zero. one record streak we would like to continue. 220 days and counting without a tornado fatality. let's hope it continues that way. >> thanks for the update. mike seidel with an unbelievable turn of events in our weather, from little rock tonight. >>> president obama flew to nevada to make a point today, a politically crucial place to throw his arms against a new path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in
to mississippi. a complaint also releases details from the attack the officer clearly identified himself as a police officer. >> the suspect at that point didn't care. so that's the mentality of the violence of the individual that we're dealing with. >> glenn wilson faces charges of armed robbery of an officer and aassault. two other men are in custody of parole violations. go to for more on coverage. declaring a state of emergency. just self-control down to hot topics. >>> tonight california lawmakers are considering a list of nine new gun lawings. there was -- examined whether current laws need to be refined. some argued the focus needs to be on enforcing the laws we already have. >> a $20 million a year investment in gutting the guns out of a prohibited person would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> the number of bills on the table is likely to increases a the hearings continue. they go before commit fee next. >>> major league baseball says it's reviewing links that 7 major leaguers to steroids in florida. former san francisco giant and two former oakland a's players.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 230 (some duplicates have been removed)